Warning of using doorbell with camera

A security vulnerability in the ring bell systems with a camera made by "Ring", allowing potential hackers to steal the username and password of the wireless Internet, "security experts have warned. Home WiFi.
Experts at information security company BitDefender, who discovered the vulnerability, said they first notified Amazon, which owns Range, last June.
E-commerce giant Amazon bought Ring in February 2018 for $ 839 million. Range cooperates with 587 police departments in the United States to secure homes, providing law enforcement forces with access to an electronic surveillance network in neighborhoods.
Cnet.com specializes in technology issues to the concerns of privacy organizations about the close relationship between the "Ring" and the police, where they point to their use in monitoring citizens as well as the possibility of these systems to be hacked and used to infiltrate the devices associated with the Internet .
In 2016, information security specialist Ben Ten Partners discovered a vulnerability in Ring's camera-enabled bell systems that allowed hackers to steal Wi-Fi access data.
At the time, the company released an update to its systems software to fill this gap, but it did not completely solve the problem. .

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