Gaza: Health warns of suspension of government hospital services

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Palestinian health ministry warned on Wednesday that the health services provided by Abu Yousef al-Najjar hospital in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah would stop in about nine days due to the depletion of fuel for its electric generator.

The ministry said in a statement "Anatolia agency " A copy of it:  "This may cause the deprivation of some 250,000 people in that area of the health services provided by the hospital."

"About 400 patients are attending the hospital on a daily basis, headed for vital departments such as Batinah, surgery, orthopedics, children, dialysis, nose, ear, throat, outpatient clinic and emergency department," she said.

About 85 patients are reported to have kidney failure at the hospital  "Yusuf al-Najjar " On a daily or weekly basis to perform laundry operations, according to the ministry.

The ministry warned of "very serious health complications and effects on these patients if the fuel runs out and there are no spare or replacement quantities."

The hospital needs about 22,000 litres of fuel a month, with 740 litres per day to operate the generator, according to the ministry.

The ministry said that the continuation of the crisis affects the service provided, which means delaying surgical procedures, laboratory tests, blood tests and the discontinuation of the radiology department and support services such as sterilization and washing/".

The Ministry called on donor Institutions and International and relief organizations to act urgently to provide stable and regular quantities of fuel.

Last Tuesday, the ministry warned of a crisis in the work of hospitals and health centers in the Gaza Strip, due to lack of fuel to operate the generators.

The ministry said the fuel crisis at the Ministry of Health "has entered the most difficult phase..." The coming days are crucial for the continuation of the work of hospitals and health centers in the absence of any reassurance from the concerned authorities to surround the crisis and lack of sufficient fuel.


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