The occupation has committed 600 violations against Palestinian journalists since the beginning of 2019

According to a report of the "Committee for Freedoms" in the West Bank Journalists Syndicate, the Israeli occupation committed 600 violations against journalists from the beginning of this year (2019) until the end of October.

In its report received by The Palestine News Network on Friday, the Committee for Freedoms noted that Israeli violations took place against Palestinian media in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.

She explained that the most serious of these violations was the ease with which israeli soldiers fired live and metal bullets at journalists, resulting in the serious injury of 60 journalists, some of whom are still suffering and receiving treatment.

She drew attention to the apparent rise in the targeting of journalists by targeting israeli soldiers by pointing sound bombs at their bodies, resulting in 43 injuries varying.

The Committee for Freedoms said that more than 170 violations of beatings, detention sought and prevented from covering journalists.

The Journalists Syndicate has monitored more than 180 violations of the pages of journalists and press organizations on Facebook. It confirmed that it was carried out "in cooperation and co-operation with the israeli occupation institutions."

"Eighteen fellow journalists are still in detention in the occupation prisons," she said. He noted that she had monitored more than 10 arrests in the same period covered by the report.

She noted the intrusions into journalists' institutions and houses of journalists, tear gas attacks, financial fines, and bans on movement and travel.

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