Settlement engulfs land and isolates Palestinian communities and towns

Since the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem in 1967, successive governments in the Occupying Power have devoted their efforts to dissolve the line between the territories of the 67 and the 48, to prevent the establishment of any future Palestinian entity.

The Green Line has another name, the Armistice Line, named after the 1949 ceasefire between Jewish gangs and Arab armies.

"The Green Line separating the Palestinian territories after the construction of the apartheid wall is no longer. The 370-kilometer-long Green Line runs from the north to the south of the West Bank and the 700-kilometer-long wall east of the Green Line. This means that the length of the wall is twice the length of the Green Line. Around the city of Qalqilya, the settlements were built on both sides of the line to become non-existent.

He continued: "The plan that has been implemented has made the Green Line not on the map as well, and the Council of Settlements seeks to invade areas beyond the Green Line, in a proactive step to prevent any Palestinian population expansion."

Dr.. Hashem al-Masri, the mayor of Qalqilya said: "After the completion of the structural plan of the city of Qalqilya, which expands in the surrounding areas, we were surprised at the instigation of the Council of Settlements on this structural plan, which meets the needs of the people of the city imprisoned by the wall and settlements. Which is expanding daily and refusing to expand to a city with the highest population density in the world. "

In the south of Qalqilya, a major settlement city along the Green Line is under construction and will include the settlements of Shaarat Tikva, Canal, Oranit and Ats Ephraim. The occupation authorities announced their intention to establish additional facilities in the area and to build a large city along the Green Line.

In the Salfit area, which has settlements nearby, the long-standing settlement of Ariel, the Green Line no longer exists in the governorate after the settlements have swept in all directions.

"The settlements have not only dissolved the Green Line, but have gone beyond their mission to the loss of Palestinian land and their lack of geographic, spatial and transportation connectivity," he said.

He explained that all the settlements began to map on the ground through which they expand their borders to besiege the remaining land, especially the land behind the wall, where it is easy prey being isolated.

In the cover of Jerusalem, the occupying state seeks to dissolve all lines through settlement enclosures.

Dr.. Jamal Amr, an expert on Jerusalem, said: "What the occupation state seeks is not to control the land, but to reverse the facts on the ground. It deliberately Judaize Jerusalem in all areas and in all directions. This method has great dangers. As big as Tel Aviv. "

Amr added that the viewer of the reality of Jerusalem raises the feeling that everything that is Islamic and Arab has been dissolved, and the divisions that existed before the setback no longer exist.

The West Bank is witnessing a settlement attack, most recently the seizure of 2522 dunums of its land.


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