"BDS Morocco " calls for a boycott of a conference involving Israel

The Moroccan campaign to boycott Israel on Sunday evening called for a boycott of a youth conference because of Israel's possible participation in its activities.

The campaign said in a statement that the fifth session of the Forum of Young Leaders to be held in the city of Essaouira, mid-month, is likely to see Israeli participation, after the French embassy invited Israel to participate in the forum.

The association, which is known as "BDS Morocco" that "participation in this forum constitutes a normalization and an attempt to show the occupation state and Israeli colonial colonialism as a natural partner in a forum held in Morocco," according to "Anatolia."

"The majority of the Moroccan people absolutely reject normalization with Israel." The association criticized "granting the French embassy itself the right to invite Israel to participate in the forum." It also deplored the embassy's call for "young Israeli men of military service in an occupation army that daily practices war crimes against the Palestinian people" to Moroccan territory.

The French embassy in Israel called on Israeli youth between the ages of 18 and 25 to submit their candidacies to participate in the fifth session of the Young Leaders Forum, according to the French embassy website in Morocco.

The Young Leaders Forum will be organized by the French Embassy and the French Institute in Morocco from November 15-17, for the fifth consecutive year in the northern city of Essaouira. The forum aims to involve young people in taking responsibility, and to open a discussion on the role of youth in development and their participation in political affairs.


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