Funeral of a Palestinian killed by an Israeli raid in Gaza

Thousands of Palestinians mourned the body of a young man who was killed in an Israeli air raid on Saturday, west of Khan Yunis.

Mourners performed the funeral prayer at noon today on the body of Ahmed Mohammed al-Shahri (27 years), in the mosque "Sunni", the city of Khan Younis, before being buried in the cemetery of the city.

The participants in the funeral chanted slogans condemning the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, and demanded to hold "Israel" for its crimes against the Palestinian people.

At dawn on Saturday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the death of "Al-Shahri".

At dawn, Israeli fighter jets launched a series of raids in different parts of Gaza, killing a Palestinian and wounding two others, described by the Ministry of Health as "serious and moderate."

In a tweet posted on his Twitter account, IDF Spokesman Avichai Adrai claimed that Israeli fighter jets carried out raids on Hamas military positions, a weapons complex, and a weapons depot in the north, central and southern Gaza Strip in response to the launch of 10 Rockets from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli media, including the website of the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, reported that one of the rockets landed on a house in the city of Sderot, near the Gaza Strip, without causing casualties.

The website also reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu started consultations over the phone with the army chief of staff, Aviv Kochavi, and military and security leaders to discuss ways to respond to the missiles.


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