The occupation takes a escalatory step in the Red Khan

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation forces closed the roads to the village of Khan al-Ahmar on the night and prevented vehicles from reaching the village, the Palestinian news agency reported.

It noted that the occupation soldiers had closed the main gate leading to al-Khan and prevented the supporters from reaching the village with their vehicles.

In a related context, the Al-Quds Committee of the Palestinian National Council held its second emergency meeting in the area of the village of Khan al-Ahmar, which is threatened with confiscation and demolition in favour of the settlement plan (E1).

In a statement, the Committee affirmed the support of the President of the State of Palestine, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, and the Palestinian national leadership, specifically in his forthcoming address to the United Nations General Assembly on the 20th of the month, entitled "Defiance and steadfastness.

The Al-Quds Committee valued the attitude of the Bedouin communities in general, and the residents of the village of Khan al-Ahmar, in particular, for their association and confrontation with the policy of occupation by uprooting and forced displacement.

In her statement, she called on all national forces and actors to put in place a militant program in the occupied capital of Jerusalem to confront the situation of education, forced displacement and ethnic cleansing in al-Khan al-Ahmar.

The Committee affirmed its firm position in support of the steadfastness of our people in the occupied capital of Jerusalem and in confronting the decisions of the occupation of all resolutions aimed at imposing a new demographic reality.

She stressed the need to ensure all the needs and components to support the steadfastness of our people and stabilize them on their lands, specifically in the targeted areas.

The Committee paid tribute on behalf of the National Council to the clutches of the embers in the occupied capital, Jerusalem, and the Almoravids at the gates of the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Committee also affirmed its rejection and the confronting of all transactions that affect or detract from the rights of our Palestinian people and the establishment of our independent State, with Jerusalem as its capital, through the umbrella of our Palestinian people, the PLO, the sole legitimate representative of our people in all its places of existence.

In its statement, the Committee stressed that all American resolutions affecting all segments of our people by attacking the Agency for relief and Employment of Refugees (UNRWA), from the curtailment of aid to its cessation by the United States and the cessation of aid to hospitals in Jerusalem, are a field execution of patients The Palestinians, in addition to the statements made by the occupation municipality, Nir Barakat, to close the headquarters of the UNRWA Education and health agency in the occupied capital.

The Committee reiterated its rejection of US attempts to find an alternative to the PLO through dubious deals to eliminate the right to return and Jerusalem as the eternal capital of our people.


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