Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israel´s plans to capture the West Bank and annex parts of it are in advanced stages

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants confirmed that the plans to capture and Judaize the occupied West Bank and annex large parts of it, and the imposition of Israeli law on them reached advanced stages, especially after the occupation took over 3,000 dunums of the lands of the town of Yatta, south of Hebron. The area extending from the east of Dhahria to the Dead Sea is part of the so-called "Alon Plan".

The "Foreign Ministry" in a statement, on Friday, that this plan will lead to the separation of occupied East Jerusalem from its Palestinian surroundings, in the ugliest colonial process in the current stage, pointing out that the occupation takeover of hundreds of acres of land of citizens in the town of Ya'bad and neighboring villages west Jenin aims to revive and deepen the colonial settlement project in that area.

She explained that this comes amid the implementation of a large number of roads and massive settlement railways, which will lead to the linking of all settlements in the West Bank and each other on the one hand and the land of 1948, and thus undermined all opportunities for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

She said that the Occupying Power continues to escalate its expansionist colonial plans in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, publishes its bulldozers, seizes hundreds of dunums and loots them throughout the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem, in full view of the world. To revive the peace process based on a two-state solution.

She added that the operations of capture and Judaization have reached the interior of the Palestinian territory, where the occupation opened a huge underground cemetery on the outskirts of occupied East Jerusalem.

It condemned in the strongest terms the unprecedented colonial colonial incursion, which has moved to an advanced stage in the usurpation and swallowing of the remaining Palestinian land, where the occupation exploits the American bias and its policies.

She said that the inability of the international community and its institutions to assume its political, legal and moral responsibilities towards our people and their suffering, as required by international law and international legitimacy and its resolutions, provides the necessary time cover for the occupation to change the existing historical, legal and demographic reality by force, and to create a new reality consistent with the interests of the occupying power.

The ministry warned of the consequences of dealing with these colonial plans as things have become normal and familiar does not require any pause or position or even a formal condemnation.


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