Among them is Khaleda Jarrar, a campaign of Israeli arrests in the West Bank

he Israeli army launched early Thursday, a campaign of arrests in the West Bank, targeting the leader of the Popular Front, Khaleda Jarrar, after raiding her house in Ramallah.

Israeli soldiers raided the houses of Samer al-Arbeed and Walid Hanacha in Ramallah.

The arrests in Ramallah and writer and former prisoner Ali Jaradat, as well as Ammar Sabah from the village of Umm Safa, and the former prisoner Warda Abdo from Kafr Naama west.

From Aida refugee camp north of Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers arrested Fadi Abu Srour, Alaa Hmaidan and Araz Akram Al-Wa'ra.

Ahmed Ali Sabri was also arrested from Kafr Qalil south of Nablus.


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