"Ministry of Foreign Affairs": Silence on occupation and settler crimes threatens regional and international chaos

The continued silence of the international community on the Israeli occupation and its settlers against our people, land and sanctities directly threatens international peace and security, and opens the door wide to regional and international chaos that are difficult to control or anticipate its repercussions.

"While US President Gerard Kouchner's brother-in-law is proud of the Trump administration's keenness on the security of the occupying state, leaving the door open to Netanyahu's promises to annex the occupied Jordan Valley and impose sovereignty on it," the State Department said in a press statement. "To the security of unarmed Palestinian citizens and their homes and their freedom of movement, and to release them into the hands of settler gangs and their systematic terror."

She added: In light of this complete American bias of the occupation and its policies, the violent Israeli escalation against the Jerusalemites continues, as happened yesterday in the Old City of Jerusalem, against the national and official symbols in the occupied capital, as happened with the Governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, and the unjust decision taken by the so-called Minister. Internal Security against him. In addition to the demolition of houses and installations in Jerusalem and other violations.

She pointed out that these violations and ongoing crimes against unarmed Palestinian citizens, did not arouse the attention of Kouchner and other Trump Zionists, which means encouraging the occupation authorities and settler militias to continue in the implementation of its colonial settlement plans at the expense of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and deepen the theft of Palestinian land and allocated to the benefit of settlements .

All that reaffirms that Kouchner and other Trump administration statements about an alleged peace plan are nothing more than a comedy and a game that gives successive Israeli governments more time to complete unilateral negotiated final status issues in favor of the occupation.

The State Department renewed its condemnation of the complete American bias of the occupying Power and the coverage of its violations and crimes, and considered it a disdain of the Israeli-American community and its bodies and legitimacy and decisions.

He expressed surprise at the silence and indifference of the international community to what is happening on the Palestinian territories in the most heinous double standards in dealing with international issues and conflicts and human rights principles, which undermines the credibility of the United Nations and its institutions and resolutions.


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