Maariv: The calm of the Gaza front is temporary and the chances of confronting big Hamas

Gaza _ Agencies

Israeli security circles believe that "calm on the southern front with the Gaza Strip is temporary, and that there is a great chance of escalation and confrontation with Hamas."

Tal Lev-Ram, an Israeli military expert in the Maariv newspaper, said that "the tense security and military reality will accompany the next chief of staff of the Israeli army, regardless of who will be, because the cautious calm in the northern front with Lebanon and Syria, and the shaky front in the south with the Gaza Strip, require The next army commander prepares himself to listen to increasing voices within the staff demanding that he move the army to be more professional and operational. "

"There is a case of waiting by all sides, for Israel is not a settlement and calm, and from the side of the Palestinian Authority there is no reconciliation, and on the one hand the blockade still exists," Lev-Ram said.

"After the recent Gaza war in 2014, six points remained unresolved in the negotiations between the two sides, every point linked to the second, and only two of them were agreed: a ceasefire, the arrangement of the buffer zone east of the Gaza Strip, the opening of the crossings and the expansion of the fishing space," he said.

"The rest of the cases concerning the return of the family soldiers, the return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza, the renovation of the strip and the establishment of the port are all issues that were not negotiated with the necessary seriousness on the table, so the Israeli security community believes that the calm of the Southern Front is temporary, and there is a chance Great escalation and confrontation with Hamas  ".

"The current Hebrew year ends in a crowded and compressed security situation, spearheaded by the impending confrontation with the Iranians, and perhaps we understand why recent military statements from articles and press conferences of senior army officers have increased," he said.

He noted that the "increasing visibility of the army generals in these events is usually the previous ones with many goals, the most important of which is the psychological war against the enemies, strengthening the image of the Israeli security establishment, and giving credit card to the senior generals, as well as political considerations, although not a number of senior Officers in the security and military institutions strongly believe that the recent period has seen an Israeli political performance that does not reflect prudent strategic orientations. "

He stressed that, "in the light of the Israeli security situation, which may carry hypotheses, including the outbreak of a war involving several parties, Israel has taken good advantage of the situation in the region by giving it the opportunity to free its operational movement, and the message that has been repeated in recent days is the year The head of government, the Minister of War and senior military officers, that will continue to work in Syria even after the war is over there  ".

"The Americans will not be quick to withdraw from Syria at this stage, and may keep their troops there as a bargaining chip for the Russians, as a condition for the removal of Iranian forces from Syria, even if the tension between the two superpowers remains, one of its secretions is the absence of a Russian response to the continuation of the attacks," he said. Israel on Syria  ".


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