Israeli forces arrest a Palestinian woman from Ramallah

After midnight, Israeli occupation forces arrested a 65-year-old Palestinian woman from Beit Liqya village west of Ramallah.

The mayor of Beit Liqya, Areej Assi, said in a statement on Friday that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the town after midnight last night, and raided the house of Hajja Hiam Shukri Bader (Umm Thaer), 65 years old, traveling in a wheelchair, and arrested her.

She also pointed out that the Israeli soldiers arrested the sons of al-Hajja or Thaer, (Thaer, Ashraf, and Tamer), ten days ago.

According to official statistics issued by the Prisoners' Affairs Authority (affiliated to the Palestine Liberation Organization), the number of Palestinian detainees reached 5700, including 230 children and 48 detainees, 500 administrative detainees (detainees without charge) and 1800 patients, including 700 in need of urgent medical intervention.


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