Israeli forces arrest crackdown on activists, prisoners of the West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

At dawn on Tuesday, Israeli occupying forces launched a campaign of incursions and raids into Palestinian homes throughout the occupied West Bank, affecting freed activists and prisoners.

In a statement, the Israeli occupation army stated that its forces had arrested Palestinians described as "wanted", allegedly for activities related to resistance against the army and settlers, where they had been transferred to the security services for interrogation.

Our correspondent in Ramallah said that the occupying forces had arrested the captured prisoner Hasan Karjah from his home in the town of "Safa ", west of Ramallah (north of occupied Jerusalem).

The captured prisoner, Haitham al-Fence, was arrested after raiding his home in the city of Ramallah and confiscating his computer and phone, as well as freed captive Saif al-Adouris from the town  "Bir Zeit " (north).

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the houses of the two prisoners, Jabr and Atef Abu Alia in Al-Mughayir (east), the reporter added.

Mohammed al-Helou, a young man from the town of "Sheba " east of occupied Jerusalem, was also arrested at the entrance to his country  "Red Khan".

The occupying forces stormed the town of ' Ttefa ', south of Bethlehem (south of occupied Jerusalem), and handed over summonses to the two slaves, Nur and Saif al-Amur, to review their intelligence in the settlement complex "Gush Etzion " South of Bethlehem after breaking into the family home.

It also stormed the house of the liberated prisoner Jamal Karama in the city of Hebron in southern occupied Jerusalem, confiscated his vehicle and handed over his son a summons, in addition to storming and inspecting the house of the freed captive.

Clashes broke out with Israeli occupying forces in the northern occupied city of Qalqilya on Monday night, with tear gas asphyxiation

According to eyewitnesses in the city, several military mechanisms were stationed at the northern entrance to the city and in the neighborhood of "Naqar " where confrontations took place.

The occupying forces fired tear-gas canisters, causing suffocation, as well as attacks on citizens in the area.

The occupation soldiers also interrogated a number of citizens and searched a number of vehicles while they were passing through the northern entrance of the city.


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