Data: Palestinian killed and 110 injured by Israeli gunfire in a week

According to human rights data from the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the Israeli occupation forces killed a Palestinian civilian and injured 110 others, including 48 children, two women, three medics and a photojournalist, between October 17 and 23.
According to data received by the Palestine News Network on Thursday, 100 civilians, including 46 children, were injured during the israeli occupation forces' crackdown on the large return marches in the eastern Gaza Strip.
She pointed out that a Palestinian civilian was shot dead by the occupying forces, at the "Jabbara" military checkpoint in the northern West Bank, on October 18, in the excessive use of armed force by israeli soldiers, allegedly for attempting to carry out a stabbing.
According to the Palestinian Center, the Occupying Forces arrested 56 Palestinians, including 3 children, a woman and a solidarity, in 63 incursions into the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem. Hundreds of settlers stormed the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque for the third week in a row.
"The occupying forces fired three times at the agricultural land in the eastern Gaza Strip, and six times towards fishermen's boats off the shores of the Gaza Strip."
According to the report, the israeli occupation authorities imposed a total closure on the West Bank and Gaza Strip on the occasion of Jewish holidays, during the same period.
The occupying forces set up 37 checkpoints between West Bank towns and cities, and their soldiers arrested five Palestinian citizens, including a child.
"This week, the occupying forces continued their gross violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, committing further complex violations, contrary to the rules of international humanitarian law and international human rights law," the report said.
Researchers at the Palestinian Center for Human Rights monitored 129 violations committed by the occupying forces and settlers during the reporting period, October 17-23.
The centre's staff documented seven violations committed by settlers, namely, attacks on farmers during the olive season and the carrying out incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, under the protection and care of the occupying forces.
"The Gaza Strip continues to suffer from the worst blockade in the history of the occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, where the siege entered its 14th year without any significant improvement in the movement of people and goods."
However, in the West Bank, the occupation authorities continue to divide them into small, isolated cantons, while many roads have been completely closed since the beginning of the second intifada."
"In addition to the fixed barriers, the occupying forces are erecting many sudden roadblocks, obstructing the movement of civilians, and arresting many of them at those checkpoints."
On Monday, October 21, israeli occupation forces closed the Beit Hanoun-Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip under the pretext of Jewish holidays.

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