UN expert calls for banning Israeli products from settlements

The United Nations independent expert on human rights in the Palestinian territories Michael Link on Wednesday, called for an international ban on all products made in Israeli settlements, as a possible step to end the "illegal occupation" since 52 Year for Israel.

Link told the UN General Assembly's Human Rights Committee that the international community should issue a "clear call to the United Nations" to complete and produce a database "of companies engaged in activities related to illegal settlements."

The international community has a legal responsibility and obligation to force Israel to end its occupation completely and remove the barriers to Palestinian self-determination, said Link.

Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories, which Palestinians need for their own and independent state, was characterized by numerous and serious violations of international law, he said. "However, the international community has shown great unwillingness to impose any meaningful accountability on Israel."

Israel strongly opposes the international boycott movement led by a Palestinian. BDS, which it considers an attack on its very existence.

Supporters of the boycott say they are adopting a non-violent and legitimate means to protest against the long-term Israeli occupation of Palestinians and the spread of settlements.

The most recent poll on US attitudes toward the BDS movement showed that most Democrats regarded the movement as a legitimate movement to pressure Israel to comply with international resolutions and laws to stop settlements and end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians.

The poll, which was revealed at the prestigious Brookings Institution in Washington on Tuesday, October 22, 2019, which was conducted between October 4 and October 10 and explored the opinions of 1,260 US citizens of different orientations, showed that 77% of Democrats support or not oppose Boycott movement.


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