The occupation demolishes the house of Abu Hameed family for the fourth time in Amari

 Israeli troops demolished the home of the mother of a number of Palestinian martyrs and prisoners at dawn Thursday in Ramallah.

This is the fourth time that the bulldozers demolished the house, where it was demolished three times previously in various operations, the latest in December last year, after the occupation forces accused her son Islam of killing a soldier from the unit Dovdovan last May By throwing a big stone at him.

Al-Hajja is the mother of the martyr Abdel-Moneim, who was killed by the Israeli occupation forces in 1994 after he was killed by a Shin Bet officer.The Israeli occupation forces arrest six of her sons (Nasser, Nasr, Sharif, Mahmoud, and Islam), all of whom are serving a life sentence and Jihad as an administrative detainee.

The Israeli occupation forces notified the Abu Hameed family on the sixth of this month their intention to demolish the house on the grounds that it was built on confiscated land, after the family built popular support and official house for three floors.

Large forces stormed the camp at dawn as soldiers took to the roofs of buildings and houses before military bulldozers and engineering units who oversaw the demolition of the house arrived.

Clashes erupted between youths and the Israeli occupation forces, which fired sound bombs and gas, and prevented journalists from approaching the place.

Local sources pointed out that the occupation forces arrested the young Hossam al-Wawi during the storming of the camp.

The Israeli army posted a video on its Twitter account documenting the demolition.


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