Al-Khudari: Reconstruction is stalled due to a deficit estimated at $ 200 million

Jamal al-Khodari, head of the Popular Committee for Confronting the Siege, said that the reconstruction of the remaining houses destroyed by the Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2014 is stalled due to a deficit estimated at $ 200 million.Al-Khodari said in a press statement arrived, "Sawa", on Monday, the reason for the cessation of the reconstruction of the remaining residential buildings destroyed about five years ago, the lack of funding from donors as a right committed by donors.
Al-Khudari stressed that this disastrous situation and the lack of commitment of donors affected about 52 thousand families unevenly, and thousands of families are still suffering to not rebuild their homes, or lack of access to the remaining financial dues for reconstruction.

Al-Khudari appealed to donors at the reconstruction conference held after the end of the aggression in October 2014 in Cairo to fulfill their financial obligations towards the owners of the destroyed houses, considering that the reconstruction is an ethical, humanitarian and legal requirement.

He stressed the need to lift the Israeli siege completely on all sectors in Gaza, noting that Gaza also needs more housing units and projects that meet the natural development.

Al-Khudari reiterated the illegality and legitimacy of the Israeli blockade against Gaza, and that it is contrary to international conventions and norms, the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the international consensus on the need to lift it.

He recalled the reality of Gaza, which is in a state of complete and unprecedented collapse in terms of humanitarian, living and economic due to the blockade, calling for the need to intervene quickly Arab, Islamic and international to rebuild what was destroyed by the aggression, and to resolve the crises aggravated by the siege and closure and continued aggression.

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