Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israel expands settlement by seizing 700 dunums in the West Bank

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates on Monday warned of the danger of an Israeli plan to seize more than 700 dunums of land in the village of "Qaryut" in the northern West Bank.

The ministry said in a press release that the move was aimed at expanding the Israeli settlement of "Aylea" and that it was part of the "expropriation of the occupied Palestinian land and the land of Palestinian citizens."

"We have always warned of the danger of the colonial settlement plan targeting the area southwest of Nablus and its aim to establish a large settlement community linked to a settlement community in Salfit governorate and communicate with settlement communities in Qalqilya governorate and extend and be associated with the Israeli depth."

The ministry considered this to be "the largest expansion and annexation of large parts of the occupied West Bank, leading to the capture and judaization of the western areas along the West Bank and the control of its depth and water, coinciding with large-scale operations taking place in the eastern areas of the West Bank represented in the daily targeting of areas The Jordan Valley.
Israel "exploits the full American bias of its expansionist colonial designs, and continues to undermine any chance of achieving peace on the basis of a two-state solution and deepening the abhorrent apartheid regime in Palestine," she said.

Israel's actions, she said, are "an actual annexation of the West Bank, a resolution on the future of the negotiating final status issues unilaterally, and the transformation of the Palestinian cause and the just and legitimate rights of our people from a political issue to the problem of people in need of relief programmes and economic livelihood projects."

The Foreign Ministry expressed its astonishment at the international community's contention of the statements of formal condemnation of settlement and Israel's expansionist colonial designs, saying that "the abandonment of their political and legal responsibility by the international community and the United Nations is losing the credibility of the world order."

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