Rescue 89 illegal immigrants off the Libyan city of Al-Khums

The Libyan navy announced on Sunday the rescue of 89 illegal immigrants of different African nationalities off the eastern city of Al-Khums.

The Information Office of the Navy said in a press briefing published today that `` a communication received yesterday from the Coast Guard Operations Room about the presence of a distress call from an illegal immigration boat pushed to sail one of the boats of the first formation of the coastguard of Tripoli (the boat Vazan) on a search and rescue mission. ''

He added that during the mission a rubber boat was rescued on the back of 89 illegal immigrants of different African nationalities, including 16 women and two children, about (75) miles northeast of the city of Al-Khums, east of Tripoli.

The office confirmed the transfer of all migrants to the port of Tripoli to the Coast Guard, where they were provided the necessary humanitarian and health assistance, before handing the migrants to the railway shelter center of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Service.


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