´ NRG ´ reveals motives for Netanyahu´s threats to launch military operations

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli writer ran Adlist, in an article by the newspaper "Maariv", spoke of the motives of the threats by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to launch military operations in the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Syria.

"Netanyahu is a state of frustration and despair, after several defeats in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and the West Bank," said author Adlist.

"The walls have begun to narrow down on Netanyahu, and he only has to launch threats, and carry out more offensive and super-military operations," he said.

"Netanyahu has commented on several problems, most notably the embarrassing latest report by the commander of the Army of manpower in the Israeli occupation forces, General Yitzhak Brik, about the military's unwillingness to face a military confrontation in terms of physical fitness and possession of the systems, in addition to his recent address at the reactor headquarters," Adlist said. of Dimona, the truce talks with Gaza, the future agreement with Syria, and the proliferation of Iranian military bases. "

"Netanyahu is called some Israelis/" The Little Rocket man "of Israel, because tomorrow he launches threats without affecting anyone, all in words, and when we examine his motives in issuing these threats, and what makes him repeat them on every occasion, there is a state of panic B. Israeli society  ".

"Netanyahu's repeated threats to carry out military and offensive operations on each front are increasing after every crisis he enters, making him flee to get rid of them, or so prepared, even though his threats cause Israel an international embarrassment because it necessarily means that it is ready to carry out attacks without being subjected "My presence is dead."

"When Netanyahu warns Iran and threatens it with woe and thunder to spread its sophisticated systems in Syria, and respond to them in the heart of Syria or Iraq, we are in a state of madness in the ruling regime in Tel Aviv, although Syria and Iran have not yet acquired the nuclear bomb, but Netanyahu issues Sounds like it's going to press the nuclear reactor button.

The Israeli writer recounted the total of the retreating Netanyahu through his "military insult in Gaza through the arrangements for appeasement with Hamas there, and in Syria we were expelled from Quneitra, and in Lebanon the balance of power persists with Hezbollah, and in the West Bank an impending uprising may erupt through operations Individual  ", as quoted Arabic 21.

"Netanyahu has only to issue these threats, although it is an expression of a loss of responsibility and a desire to overcome his military failures, as the state comptroller's report revealed," Adlist said.


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