6 prisoners continue their open hunger strike, refusing administrative detention

 Six prisoners in Israeli jails continue their hunger strike in order to refuse their administrative detention. Imposed by the administration of detention centers against them.

The prisoner club said in a statement on Wednesday that besides the captive Ghannam, Ismail Ali continues to strike for 85 days, Tareq Qa'dan for 78 days, Ahmad Zahran for 25 days, and Musab al-Hindi for 23 days. Days, and Heba Labadi since (23) days.

He pointed out that the management of the Israeli detention centers transferred Ghannam four days ago from the isolation of "Ramla - Nitzan" to the hospital "Kaplan" Israeli, after a serious deterioration in his health, where the occupation court will hold a hearing on 22 of this month, today will be held a session Court of the Indian prisoner from the town of Tel, southwest of Nablus, to hear the case of his administrative detention.

He pointed out that the Prisoner Club is scheduled to hold a hearing on Thursday to consider the issue of the administrative detention order against the captive Labadi, which began the strike after being subjected to physical and psychological torture for about a month, and a refusal to administrative detention.

He pointed out that the military court of the occupation postponed the consideration of the issue of fixing the administrative detention order against the prisoner Qa'dan, until the 23 of this month, while a session of the prisoner Ali will be held on 24 of this month.

He pointed out that Ahmad Ghannam, 42, from Dura, south of Hebron, has been on strike for 95 days. He has been detained since June 18 this year. He is married and father of two children. Despite his strike, the Israeli occupation authorities issued an administrative detention order for two and a half months.

Ismail Ali, 30, from Abu Dis, east of occupied Jerusalem, has been on strike for 85 days. He has been detained since the beginning of this year. He is a former prisoner who spent seven years in detention.

Tariq Qa'dan, 46, from Jenin, married with six children, has been on hunger strike for 78 days. He is a former prisoner who spent 11 years in administrative detention and detention, most recently on 23 February. This year, he was sentenced to two months in prison, renewed by the occupation days before his release, and renewed again for six months.

Ahmed Zahran, 42, from Deir Abu Mash'al village in Ramallah, was a 25-day-old striker, a former prisoner who spent 15 years, is married and has four children and has been detained since March. He went on a hunger strike that lasted for 39 days in return for ending his administrative detention. However, the Israeli authorities renewed his hunger strike, which prompted him to go on strike for the second time this year.

He said that the captive Mus'ab al-Hindi (29 years) from the town of Tal southwest of Nablus, a father of two children, has been on hunger strike for 23 days, where he was arrested on September 4 last year, and sentenced to administrative prison for six months, and the total arrest warrants Last year, the Indian prisoner went on a 35-day hunger strike, which ended after an agreement to release him was released on September 9, 2018.

The prisoner club said that Hiba al-Labadi (32 years), who holds Jordanian nationality along with his Palestinian striker 23 days ago, was arrested at the Karama crossing while going to visit her family in Jenin. She was issued an administrative detention order, following which she declared a hunger strike on 24 September and is currently in al-Jalameh detention center.


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