3 Million dollar from Japan for poor families in Gaza

Japan on Tuesday decided to support the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) with $ 3 million to provide food to poor families in the Gaza Strip .

In a statement, the World Food Program (WFP) valued this contribution, which will enable it to continue providing food assistance to 65,000 people in need in the Gaza Strip through e-vouchers, while another 35,000 will receive food aid boxes containing nutrient-fortified wheat flour and cereals. The portion will also be used to purchase canned tuna provided by WFP in emergency situations. 
WFP Representative and Country Director Stephen Kearney said Japan is a generous donor, adding that “this is the best timing to contribute, because WFP is facing severe funding difficulties, as those who help them depend on us for their food needs.”

For his part, Ambassador of Palestinian Affairs and Japanese Representative to Palestine Masayuki Majushi said: “The Japanese Government's funding of food assistance to developing countries since 1968 and the partnership between Japan and the World Food Program has been going on for a long time. ".

"Without peace and stability, we will not achieve our long-term goal of ending hunger, so we are firmly committed to achieving peace in the region through the Corridor for Peace and Prosperity initiative," he said.

In turn, Minister of Social Development Ahmad Majdalani appreciated the position of the Government and people of Japan, and their continued support in the area of ​​food security mainly, and for WFP's activities in Palestine focused on improving nutrition for the food insecure.

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