A report accuses Israeli doctors of colluding with interrogators in torturing prisoners in Israeli jails and hospitals

A human rights report has revealed that Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, along with Israeli hospitals, have been subjected to systematic torture committed by Israeli doctors along with the Israeli intelligence service, the Shin Bet.

This came in a report issued by the organization "Physicians for Human Rights" (Israeli non-governmental), published Tuesday, in a magazine in the magazine "972" Hebrew.

According to the report, the policy of "Shabak" in lying has not changed, over the past years denied that he tortured Palestinian prisoners, but the new information revealed by the organization, the Israeli doctors played an active role in the torture of Palestinian prisoners, by participating in the brutal interrogation, In addition to writing false medical reports.

In 1993, the Shin Bet denied brutally torturing Palestinian prisoner Hassan al-Zubaidi, and in response to the accusations, then-Yossi Bild, commander of the IDF Central Command, said: "There is no torture in Israel." In the army and I know what I'm talking about. "

The report pointed out that after 26 years of this case, the former Vice President of the "Shabak", Yitzhak Ilan, repeated the same lying, as a result of what happened to Samer al-Arbeed, a 44-year-old Palestinian prisoner, was transferred to the hospital in case Critical after being tortured by the Shabak.

"By dismissing these ridiculous forms of denial, as a doctor and founder of the organization, I have always been troubled by how Israeli doctors collaborate with and empower the torture industry in Israel," the report quoted Physicians for Human Rights president Rochama Marton as saying.

He revealed that there was a medical document of the Israeli intelligence service, provided by the Shabak doctor, about whether the prisoner in question had any medical restrictions when it came to keeping him in isolation, whether he could be tied, whether his face could be covered, or whether He could have been forced to defend himself for long periods of time.

He added that the "Shabak" denied the existence of such a document at all, but four years later appeared a second document, requiring doctors to sign the torture in accordance with several items agreed in advance.

He noted that he published the first document, along with other documents, in a book entitled "Torture: Human Rights, Medical Ethics and the Case of Israel", but the book was banned in Israel.

Emergency doctors help with torture

He revealed that the doctors working in the Shin Bet security service and the Israeli Prison Service are not only those who cooperate in torturing Palestinian prisoners, but also doctors in the emergency departments of Israeli hospitals cooperate in torturing Palestinian prisoners by writing false medical reports according to the demands of the Palestinian Authority. Shabak.

He referred to the case of the prisoner Nader Qumsieh from the West Bank city of Beit Sahour, who was arrested from his home on 4 May 1993 and transferred to Soroka Medical Hospital in Beersheba (south) five days after his arrest. The urologist diagnosed bleeding and a ruptured scrotum, where his shirts testified that he was beaten during interrogation and kicked in his testicles.

Ten days later, he brought Qumsiyeh to the urologist himself for a medical examination, after the latter received a phone call from the IDF the urologist wrote a retrospective letter (as if he had written two days ago), without further examination of the patient, where he said that he "According to the patient, he fell on the stairs two days before his arrest."

Torture is widespread

He added that "the issue of the Palestinian prisoner, along with countless cases, reflects the moral, moral and practical failure of the medical establishment in Israel to torture."

"Torture - which includes mental and physical cruelty - continues to occur on a large scale, because the real purpose of torture and humiliation is to break the prisoner's spirit and body to eliminate his personality," he said.

He pointed out that the "Shabak" document, which is signed by his collaborators, allows prisoners to be deprived of sleep, and allows interrogators to expose prisoners to extreme temperatures, beating them, tying them for long hours in painful positions, and forcing them to stand for hours until the vessels in their feet explode, covering Their heads for long periods of time, and their sexual humiliation, to break their morale by severing their relationships with family and lawyers, and keeping them in isolation until they lose their mind.

 He added that the doctors' approval of this document means that it is doctors who supervise torture, examine the tortured prisoner, write a medical opinion or report diseases, stressing that the doctor who cooperates with the Israeli torture industry is complicit in the industry and if a prisoner dies during interrogation, the doctor will be A partner in killing him, doctors, nurses, medical staff and judges who know what is happening and prefer silence are all partners.

He called on Israeli doctors to refuse to cooperate with the crime of torture, pointing out that torture is a symptom of the occupation.

It is noteworthy that 221 Palestinian prisoners have been martyred since 1967, according to Palestinian human rights institutions, after being tortured during the investigation in the cellars of the investigation of the Israeli intelligence service "Shabak", including 65 prisoners died as a result of medical negligence policy.


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