Israeli occupation forces penetrate east of Gaza City targeting farmers

On Tuesday morning, Israeli occupying forces entered a limited area east of Gaza City and opened fire at farmers in the northern Gaza Strip.

Our correspondent said that two military bulldozers came out this morning from the "Energy" gate east of Gaza City and penetrated limitedly east of the city.

He added that the Israeli occupation forces opened fire with machine guns at the houses and agricultural land of the citizens east of the city of "Beit Hanoun" in the northern Gaza Strip, but no casualties were reported.

This incursion is in addition to the series of violations committed by the occupying forces since the signing of the lull agreement between the Palestinian resistance and the occupying Power on 26 August 2014, and constitutes a violation of the understandings reached by the Palestinian factions and the Israeli occupation at the end of 2018, Through intermediaries from Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations.

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