Democrats and Republicans are seeking to scrap Trump´s order to withdraw troops from Syria

US House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi said on Monday she had agreed with Republicans that a resolution that would overturn President Donald Trump's "dangerous" decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria, where Turkish forces have launched an offensive against the guerrillas, should be passed. The Kurds.

Pelosi said Democrats and Republicans in Congress were pushing ahead with a resolution imposing broad sanctions on Turkey for its military operation, stressing that the measures planned by the White House were not enough.

Trump has threatened sanctions against Turkey to stop its offensive in northern Syria, but to no avail.

Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from the Kurdish-controlled region, paving the way for the Turkish offensive, has been widely criticized at home and is seen as a betrayal of Kurds who have allied with the United States to defeat the Islamic State.

Pelosi said she had held talks with senior Senator Lindsey Graham, the hard-line Republican Trump is listening to, with whom he strongly disagreed over his decision to withdraw from Syria.

"One of our top priorities was to agree that we should issue a bipartisan and congressional resolution to overturn the president's dangerous decision in Syria immediately," she wrote in a tweet on Twitter.

She said the package of sanctions the White House plans to impose is unlikely to please angry members of Congress, including Republicans.

"Since the president has given the green light to the Turks for bombing and thus actually unleashing ISIS, we have to put a harsher set of sanctions than the White House proposes."

Earlier, Sen. Graham said Congress would quickly act with bipartisan support.

He told Fox News that Erdogan "made the biggest political mistake of his life."

"I have never seen such bipartisan support in my life," he said.

"Republicans and Democrats working with the administration will impose tough sanctions similar to those imposed on Iran, and he deserves it."

"We will get him out of Syria and we will rearrange things."

On Friday, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin announced that the US president had ordered tough sanctions against Ankara but had not yet been activated.

Since announcing the withdrawal of US troops from positions on the Turkish-Syrian border eight days ago, Trump has given contradictory signals while stressing that Americans should free themselves from Middle East wars, while threatening Turkey with "destroying its economy."


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