Zamiout: We will not succumb to blackmail and continue our legitimate struggle

Washington _ Palestine News Network

The Chairman of the General Commission of the United States Editorial Board, Ambassador Hossam Zamiout, stressed that Palestinian rights are not negotiable, not for sale, we will not succumb to blackmail and threats from the U.S. administration, and we will continue our legitimate struggle for freedom, independence and historical rights.

His comments came in response to the US administration's decision to close the PLO mission in Washington.

In a press statement released Monday, he said that the Tarb administration is continuing to implement the list of requests by the Israeli Government, the first of which was the closure of the Palestinian mission to the United States to blow up the bilateral relationship between the two countries until after its administration on the one hand.

He said the closure came in the context of the US administration's pledge to protect the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli Government in the Occupied Palestinian territory and against our unarmed Palestinian people.

"The two objectives of this move underline two issues, the first concerns Israel about the shift in American public opinion towards the Palestinian cause, and the attempt by the Israeli Government through its allies in the U.S. administration to anticipate this change by preventing and criminalizing presence and movement," he said. In the United States, the second is the fear of Israel and its allies of international law, especially the International Criminal Court, after the official referral by the state of Palestine to the court.

He stressed that the decision of the administration to close the PLO mission in Washington urges us to press the criminal court to speed up the trial of Israel and to activate all tools of international law and international bodies against Israel's crimes, and to redouble the effort to communicate and influence the American public opinion By all means.


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