How to protect yourself from fraud while shopping online?

The Russian Consumer Protection and Control Commission has issued some recommendations that help people protect themselves from fraud while purchasing goods online.

According to experts at the TRA, when someone decides to buy anything over the Internet, they must first be aware that the website through which they buy is an official website, and includes clearly documented and written information about the companies or persons they deal with, and the addresses of those companies or vendors.

The second important point noted by the experts is the need to pay attention to information on the product to be purchased, such as information indicating the place of manufacture, and conditions of delivery, and the date of production and expiration, and conditions relating to the guarantee of return of the product if the buyer refused.

The experts pointed out that the seller party is obliged to return the price to the buyer in the event that it is found that the commodity does not suit the latter party in accordance with the conditions of sale, even if the body that sold those goods had received the price through a third party.

They also advised those wishing to purchase goods online to pay attention to the comments made by other buyers before him on the site of sale, which relates to the quality and quality of goods.

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