What is Google´s "hidden mode"?

Google has announced the launch of Incognito Mode, or "incognito mode," for users of smart phones and devices wishing to use electronic maps.

Programming experts explained that the new feature launched by "Google" will work in a manner similar to the "hidden browsing" function while using the browser chrome, and will work to prevent "Google" from collecting data that the user does not want to share with them while using Google Maps.

They noted that activating Incognito Mode while using Google Maps will prevent the user's device data, or the location data they are looking for, from appearing in Google's logs.

However, they note that the feature will only work if the user has entered their Google Account data while using Google Maps.

To enable this feature in Google Maps on smart devices, follow several steps:

If this feature is not activated automatically in Google Maps, the user should go to the settings menu in the Google Maps application, and from there he will be able to click on his profile picture, showing him the option of "activate incognito mode" Turn on Incognito Mode .

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