A deceased man returns home after being buried!

A man from Indonesia's East Java province has returned home after his funeral and burial.

AsiaOne reports that this error started from a traffic accident that killed a man driving a motorcycle without identification documents. After the incident, it became difficult to identify the man because of the large deformities suffered by his body, which forced the police to identify him from the number of motorcycle registered with the traffic police, as it turned out that it belongs to a man named Sonarto (40 years).

Based on this, his mutilated body was handed over to his relatives who "even when washed did not discover that he was not their relative". According to Ali Kantha, the police chief of the Grabagan district.

Interestingly, seven hours after the funeral, Sunarto returned home. He says he learned of his death from his co-workers. "Three months ago he borrowed money from a man named Warem and gave him the motorcycle as a hostage," he said.

Having learned of the error, relatives of Warem decided not to re-bury their relative and only to change the tombstone.

Last June, a man in Japan returned home a year after his body was cremated after being identified by his wife and relatives. Japanese police refused to disclose where the man had been for a year and what he had worked for.


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