Haaretz: Netanyahu´s "pathetic" support offer only shows his weakness

Haaretz, the Hebrew newspaper, considered what it described as a "pathetic offer of support" to Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu in the presence of a very weak attendance at the conference of the party's central committee held last night as it shows the weakness of Netanyahu.

The conference was held away from the media and in a simple composition without any comment or taste, more like a meager worship of people practicing personal worship rather than a partisan institution seeking a practical and meaningful result in the real world.

Ten members of the entire committee attended, while Netanyahu hoped for at least 1,000 members to shout his name. Lament, questions "Do they want to get rid of him?". As the newspaper wrote.

The session focused on Netanyahu being the only Likud candidate for prime minister in the 22nd new Knesset elections, which are less than 7 weeks to resolve according to the law.

"This is the constitutional situation now, no one is fighting Netanyahu, and no one has his powers as an individual and president of the Likud and their only candidate, even Gideon Saar did nothing, what happened yesterday is nothing more than pathetic."

The Likud Central Committee prior to Netanyahu's reign in the last decade was discussing important and lively issues on ideological issues, but it has now changed to show support for a weak figure who has shown weakness and distrust. If new elections are held, he will seek Likud's trust for another term. Or there will be primaries within the party, and Netanyahu will try to kidnap the party as he did before, and through another suspicious operation in the Likud Central Secretariat with the generous help of its president Haim Katz, and he may succeed as an expert in these types of abductions and lacks no assistants .

She pointed out that Netanyahu considered a week ago to hold primaries and thought that he would be the only candidate, but was surprised by the decision of a very competitive competition and therefore retreated, and withdrew respectfully with the proposal to renew his legitimacy through the centrality of Likud as it happened tonight, was the declaration of "loyalty Bolshevik" amid frustration from the audience He raised fears of rebellion and isolation against him later.

The newspaper pointed out that the time limit for forming a government for Netanyahu is nearing completion and did not present anything currently, and believes that his rival Benny Gantz will be assigned to do so. He noted that he feared losing himself even to Likud after the second failure to form a government, which prompted the Knesset Attorney General to issue a legal opinion last night indicating that Netanyahu's attempts to oblige members of his bloc to become prime minister even before the dissolution of the Knesset did not comply with the procedures of the law. (That is, the assignment must be transferred to others).

The newspaper pointed out that Israel will remain in a politically unstable situation in the coming period in light of the adherence of each party and the mass conditions. With the right-wing parties sticking to Netanyahu, the center and the left sticking to Gantz, and Avigdor Lieberman, the leader of Yisrael Beiteinu, the latter, put forward the formation of a unity government that shows yet another failure.


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