Israeli occupation forces storm the headquarters of the Health Work Committees Foundation in Ramallah

 Dozens of Israeli soldiers stormed the headquarters of the General Directorate of Health Work Committees in the area of ​​Sahat Marhaba in Al-Bireh on Friday.

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers broke doors and locks with heavy hammers before entering the offices inside the building.

In a statement, the Health Work Committees Foundation denounced the storming of its headquarters and tampering with its contents and endangering the lives of the residents of the building where the headquarters is located, especially after the clashes with young men, and the use of poison gas bombs by Israeli soldiers.

Health work called on local and international human rights, health and media institutions to expose the occupation practices against the Palestinian people and their various institutions.

The health work committees said: The sabotage and storming of its headquarters in clear violation of the provisions of international law, and international agreements that ensure the protection of health institutions under occupation.

She added that the Israeli campaign against Palestinian NGOs, which preceded an incursion into its hospitals and clinics in different parts of the West Bank, will not discourage it from continuing to provide health, humanitarian and development services to Palestinian citizens suffering from the policies of the occupation and siege and attacks by settlers, calling for international protection for the Palestinian people and their institutions. .


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