Tomorrow .. The anniversary of the massacre of the Center in Qalqilya

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the massacre of Qalqilya, known as the massacre of the Center carried out by the Zionist gangs on 10/10/1956, in which more than seventy martyrs were executed by Jewish gangs led by Ariel Sharon and others. Of the leaders of the occupying power.

The massacre was called the Center Massacre after the Jordanian army police station, located in the northern area of ​​Qalqilya. The center was besieged and executed. Jewish gangs attacked Qalqilya from the northern side leading to the city of Tira in the triangle. The carnage was blown up with explosives planted inside it and the remaining members of the Jordanian army and volunteers were killed.The massacre was mentioned in the memoirs of Sharon, who praised the execution of all those in the center and volunteers who came to defend the city of Qalqilya and repel the attack.

It is noteworthy that the massacre of Qalqilya massacres carried out by the Zionist gangs, and demonstrates the programmed terrorism, where the massacre of Kafr Qasim was committed on 29/10/1956, ie, 19 days after the massacre of Qalqilya, and the number of martyrs was close.


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