The Body of Prisoners: Cancer shatters the body of the elderly prisoner "Orouq"." And two prisoners in a difficult health condition.

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority warned of the deterioration of the health status of the elderly prisoner Mowaffaq 'Arouq (76 years) from the town of Jaffa, adjacent to the city of Nazareth, inside 1948. He suffers from very bad health conditions after he was diagnosed with liver cancer. And stomach.

The prisoner is in urgent need of chemotherapy sessions, but the management of the Naqab prison is stalling, he said. He also suffers from high blood pressure, hearing and vision problems, and needs careful attention due to his difficult health and age. .

She noted that in her report, she recorded two medical conditions in Al-Damoun detention center, one of them was Amal Taqatqa, 25, from Beit Fajjar village, south of Bethlehem, who was hit by three bullets throughout her body during her arrest in 2014. She is still suffering from bloating and aches. She is not able to stand for long periods of time and is in urgent need of a specialist orthopedic doctor.

She pointed out that the prisoner Rawan Samhan (26 years) from the town of Al-Dhahriya south of Hebron city, suffering from anemia, causing her head aches and constant dizziness, and she needs urgent medical follow-up.

She said that she receives daily testimonies through lawyers from prisoners who suffer from the worst forms of health care.


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