The details of what happened to the prisoner Hiba Al-Labadi from the moment of her arrest

The Prisoners 'and Editors' Affairs Authority published on Monday details of what happened with the 14-day hunger striker Hiba al-Labadi against her administrative detention.

The CMA conveyed through its lawyer, the statement of the captive Labadi of what had been suffered from the moment of arrest.

She said: "On 20-8-2019 came from Jordan with my mother and aunt to attend the wedding of my cousin, I planned to leave for five days full of joy, but the occupation took me to a second world I did not expect even nightmares."

She continued, "We arrived at the Karama crossing at nine in the morning, I was arrested for two hours, they closed the door on me and after my screaming the door was opened, a female soldier remained guarding me. I was blindfolded, handcuffed with plastic restraints, my legs restrained with iron cuffs, and taken to a military base about a quarter of an hour. They took me down and kept me in the sun for about half an hour. , I was shocked and embarrassed and humiliated Flagrant infringement of my privacy and human rights Adamic, then he was transferred to Meskubah and there kept me wait about 3 hours where they were taken again detained and then I was taken to investigate the Petah Tikva. "

“I arrived at Petah Tikva around 8 pm. About half an hour later they took me for interrogation until dawn the next day. "

She continued: "The first 16 days of the investigation was ongoing from about nine in the morning until five in the morning of the next day, during these long hours they drop me to the cell twice, eating times each time only about half an hour, then I was transferred to the rooms of birds Megiddo and Jalama and then returned to me to investigate I stayed for about 35 days under very, very harsh conditions. The interrogation was psychological torture and it was very violent. I was sitting on a chair fixed to the ground and bound and tied to it. High and they were sitting almost adjacent to me alive Were their chairs close to me and were Hristitona as if they were deliberately touching my legs, I was moving my feet and drifted away, their way too provocative, and spit on the qualities and Anatona Boqdhir Aspununa, some of what they told me that I "

I was threatened and pressured by telling me that they arrested my mother and sister and threatened them with a view to withdrawing a confession from me. The authority to renew it for seven and a half years and then we will hold you in the West Bank under our eyes and prevent you go to Jordan and prevent your family from visiting, try to pressure me in every way.

"They put me in a tight cell full of insects, where I was waking up, cockroaches, ants and insects on my clothes, they gave me unpleasant and dirty smell pajamas, rough concrete walls that are hard to lean on, a thin (non-thick) mattress without a cover, without a pillow, light triggered 24 hours annoying to look , Without natural ventilation and without windows, high humidity, without water, smelly foul, requested a half-hour spree, they refused, screaming, muddling, noise and disturbing sounds from the surrounding cells, they deliberately insulted me and humiliated, the bathroom like the grave, is a place the size of a person standing, dirty and dirty, With a shower, there is no place to hang clothes, and on his door stands jailers and saja They hear the sound of water, and I was scared to open the door at any moment, soap without a fiber.

She explained that "eating was very bad, and I am mainly vegetarian, I returned eating for a week and as a result I was dizzy and I was taken to the clinic, then I became eating a little bread and milk and things that can be eaten, the investigators deliberately eat Kunafa and sweets in front of me, and whenever I was transferred to and from If the courts were to extend the detention or the birds, I was blindfolded and handcuffed with 2 restrictions and 2 legs, which caused me great pain, apart from blindfolding and restrictions every time I was transferred to and from the interrogation room. ''

She pointed out that "the conditions in Jalameh prison were very difficult. I felt that I was in a plastic house. The cell was covered by a plastic yard in all respects and without natural ventilation. High humidity without an irritating fan conditioner. I was forced to extinguish it due to high humidity, cockroaches, ants and insects in very large quantities. It is not eaten. "


She said, "Then they told me that they would take me to Damoun Prison with the rest of the prisoners. We arrived in Damoun. I waited in Bosta about two hours. And a thin mattress without a file and without a pillow, the amount of ants that were abnormal and if I swim with ants, and then I was returned to investigate Petah Tikva, where I was shocked when they returned me to the investigation because they told me the end of the investigation and transfer to Damon, the director of the prison told me if my ability to bear the situation and you sedatives and hypnotized to give you Hon Bokhzat sedatives, I said to "I give them to the interrogators who have lost their temper and they are investigating me. They need it more than me."

She continued after `` Petah Tikva '' and on 18/9/2019, as I recall, I was transferred to Section 3 in Damoun Prison with Palestinian prisoners. Live it. "

On 24-9-2019, I was handed over the administrative detention order for five months. In protest, I announced the open-ended hunger strike. The administration and intelligence officer of Damoun Prison tried to convince me to stop the move. I refused and told them that the tragedy of administrative detention should end. Going to the end, either victory or death, and if they are saturated by the arrest of the bodies of the administrative when you want.

Al-Labadi explained that since last Thursday, September 26, she was transferred "as punishment for the strike to the cells of Jalameh. He was locked in a cell with 4 surveillance cameras. I cannot change my clothes. The bathroom has a glass door. The toilet is off the camera and the glass, but I cover it with the sheets.


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