Friedman: We need an Israeli government to spread the deal of the century

The absence of an effective Israeli government so far is one of the reasons for the delay in the publication of the "deal of the century," US Ambassador David Friedman said on Sunday.

Friedman said in remarks published on the Hebrew Channel 7 website that the administration of President Donald Trump prefers a strong and effective Israeli government to respond to the peace plan.

He pointed out that the US administration refused to publish the plan before or during the elections because there is no government, can be discussed with it on the plan and issues that serve the interests of Israel and the United States in the long term.

He pointed out that the Trump administration does not favor anyone over another to be in the government and that this concerns the Israeli voter, and America does not want to influence or interfere in the elections.

"The peace plan needs to be discussed in a sober and inclusive political atmosphere, because it involves many long-term Israeli interests," he said.

On US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank and the occupation's missed opportunity, Friedman said: "It will be missed if there is no government."

Regarding the promises of interim Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to include the Jordan Valley in the event of a government, the US ambassador explained that this step does not prevent a political solution, but this needs further discussion in order to understand the purpose of this step, and how the inclusion of the Valley will contribute to the security of the state Occupation.

"We did not discuss this issue with Israel. We prefer to discuss all issues related to the West Bank in a comprehensive rather than piecemeal way," he said. "We expect contacts with the Israeli government to return after the end of the entire electoral process, and to discuss it with an open mind."


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