Human Rights Center: 326 martyrs since the start of the return marches

The Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights announced that 326 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli occupying forces since the start of the Major Return Marches on the Gaza Strip on March 30, 2018.

The center explained in a statement reached "Palestine News Network "a copy of it, that the latest victims of israeli violations of the marches of the return of 28-year-old Alaa Nizar Ayesh Hamdan, who was martyred on Friday by a live bullet in the chest, shot by israeli soldiers stationed to the east of the eastern fence Eastern Gaza governorate.

He added that of the total of 16 martyrs, the occupation authorities continue to detain their bodies, including 3 children, including 213 martyrs during their participation in the return marches, including 46 children, two women, 9 persons with disabilities, (4) paramedics and two journalists.

He noted that 18,460 of them were children and 826 women were injured, of whom 9,243 were injured by live bullets, including 2,000 children and 184 women.

Medical personnel were targeted (276) times, resulting in 222 paramedics being injured, 43 of them repeatedly injured more than once, while journalists were targeted (246) times, resulting in the injury of (173) journalists, 42 of whom were repeatedly injured more than once.

Al-Mezan said the occupying forces continued to target participants in peaceful marches along the separation fence east of the Gaza Strip for the 77th, respectively, as well as the use of excessive and lethal force.

He condemned the continued targeting of participants in peaceful marches, the use of excessive and lethal force by the occupying forces, particularly towards children and women, and the repeated targeting of medical personnel and journalists.

He stressed that the continued silence of the international community and its dehumanization of its legal obligations was an encouraging factor in the continuation of the killings without any fear of prosecution.

The Centre called on the international community to act urgently to stop the serious and systematic violations committed by the occupying forces, to act immediately to end the immunity enjoyed by its forces and commanders, and to prosecute all those suspected of involvement in any serious violations, as the only way to ensure respect for the rules of international law. Justice is being achieved in this region of the world.

He stressed the urgent need to end the occupation of the Gaza blockade, which constitutes a gross violation of the rules of international law, which is why the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate and the human rights situation deteriorates.

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