Martyr and 54 wounded by israeli gunfire in the return marches in the eastern Gaza Strip

A citizen was killed and several others were injured today as a result of the Israeli occupation forces' attack on participants in the major return marches and the breaking of the siege in the eastern Gaza Strip.

In a brief statement received by The Palestine News Network, the Ministry of Health confirmed the death of 28-year-old Alaa Nizar Ayesh Hamdan, 28, by israeli troops east of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip. 

Health said its medical teams dealt with 54 different injuries, including 22 live bullets, during the 77th Friday of the return march and the siege in eastern Gaza.In its statement at the end of friday's 77th event, the Supreme National Authority for Return marches and the breaking of the siege confirmed the continuation of the marches in the Gaza Strip in a popular and popular nature, expressing the hope that sincere efforts to transfer it to the West Bank "will succeed as a broad step in the face of the annexation of the territories of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley."

The National Commission urged the masses of our people to participate in the 78th Friday events, which will be entitled "Our Children's Martyrs' Friday", in order to honor the children of Palestine who are victims of the occupation and international silence.

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