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A rich and wealthy person may be wasting a lot of money on things that are not necessary for him, most notably fashion, modern cars with a model of her year, etc., to make him spend a lot of money in things that are not important, without spending part of his money in providing help and assistance to people who are in desperate need of Money.

The Sky News Arabia website quoted "mani ", the man can avoid a lot of extra expenses if he quit some bad habits and follow a new economic method in life.

Stop buying the latest trends and fashion

One of the first tips provided by specialists is that people stop buying the latest trends in the consumer market, such as telephones and cars, considering that companies do not stop putting the new one up to accumulate profits, year after time, while the customers drown in unnecessary costs.

According to the same source, the car loses more than 10% of its value as soon as it is driven by meters, and one does not necessarily need a new smartphone as long as its device works well, so it is OK to resist the temptation of consumption and non-compliance with advertisements.

Discount seasons on buying products end of season

And if those who are waiting for the seasons of sale to shop and buy many products, it is also possible to be a spender of money because you are buying on these occasions things you do not need at all, so what you save in the opponent is wasted in buying things that you do not need at all you think that you seize an opportunity not always available.

Don't strain yourself with fees and taxes.

If you are using a credit card and pay an annual fee to the bank for this service, you have inevitably entered a "stupid deal ", because you incur extra money and incur expenses, but some of these cards offer benefits and services to customers, and this also applies to your bank account, if you bear Fees for some simple banking services, find the best financial institution that does not burden you with fees.

Eating out of the house and spending expenses on it

And because the rhythm of accelerated life is pushing many to eat outside the home because of the concern in the study or work, the list advises to avoid eating outside the home as much as possible, the human being forced to pay prices and taxes and tips when he eats in restaurants or make a delivery service while he can take more than 30% of what He pays him if he prepares his meals at home.

Those who eat in the house can hit two birds with one stone, they take the price of the meal abroad, and in parallel, they get less damaging healthy food due to the conditions of its most safe and clean preparation.

In order to achieve this economic behavior, experts are advised not to underestimate any amount that is small, so when you access a store, do not hesitate to use the card  "loyal customers" because the accumulation of these small sums may ultimately constitute abundant money.


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