Or Hebrew describes the new Hamas step in Gaza with very sensitive

Gaza _ Agencies

The Hebrew site described the new Hamas move by setting up a protest center very close to the seaside in the north of the Gaza Strip opposite Zikim beach  "very sensitive."

He said no, Sunday:  " Protesters are supposed to walk in Gaza near the border or maybe try to sneak into the sea and challenge the Israeli naval forces, a very sensitive point for the Israeli army, especially because of its proximity to the sea and security sites there.

"Hamas has not yet said the last word, and as a regime that controls the Gaza Strip, it will try to work on further steps before entering into a war," the website added.

He noted that the Hamas leadership knows how to do the demonstrations well and how to use them as a mode of pressure on Israel, adding that "nothing happens in the border area without Hamas ' approval."

"Everything is coordinated and organised by Hamas, both in terms of propaganda and logistics, or by throwing Molotov cocktails and other groups to launch fire balloons and others," he said.


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