Dangerous software could penetrate millions of computers

 Microsoft has warned against the spread of malware that hacks computers into tools to hack other computers.

According to experts at the company, the software Nodersok, which was discovered for the first time last summer, had reached thousands of computers through malicious ads uploaded HTML files into the computers.

Using HTML files that have infiltrated infected computers, hackers have been able to access Excel, JavaScript, and PowerShell files and install their malicious software in a neat manner.

Nodersok software disables Windows Defender systems in computers, as well as Windows Update software, and more seriously, it uses the infected device as an electronic platform to carry out new attacks and infect other computers.

To avoid the risk of such software, Microsoft experts advise you to avoid clicking on an anonymous URL on a page or even an online advertisement, and downloading applications and software from the official online stores of large corporations, which carefully check the integrity of their software before putting it to users.


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