"Apple" launches an emergency update for iOS

Apple has released an emergency update to its smartphones operating system, just two days after the release of iOS-13.

The experts in the "Apple" that the new version (13.1.2) of iOS came to fix some of the technical and technical gaps discovered in the version of iOS-13.1.1 ,.

The new version is supposed to solve the camera application support problems encountered by the "iPhone" phones recently, and will help in the elimination of the problems of not turning on the flash light and the loss of calibration data screen suffered by these devices, as will rid users of the devices "Apple" from the problem of interruption Connect when using Bluetooth.

The "Apple" has launched the 13 version of iOS a few days ago, supporting that version with many new features, such as "Dark Mode" feature that allows the user to turn the operating wallpapers to black, to rationalize the power consumption in the phone, and protect the eye from radiation Harmful.

The new iOS also brought many improvements, including electronic mapping systems, and provide better control of the arrangement of photos and videos in the phone or tablet, and helps to display images to the user according to the day, week, month or year in which they were taken.


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