Paris appeals to Google to reverse its decision on neighboring rights

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has called on Google to negotiate with news agencies and publishers in his country on the implementation of the European reform, which gives the media in France the rights of copyright.

Philip told the National Assembly that the position announced by the US digital giant last week was "unacceptable."

Google announced on September 25 the adoption of new rules, which will be applied in France at the end of October in compliance with the law adopted by Paris, which establishes a "neighboring right" to copyright for the benefit of publishers of newspapers, magazines and news agencies, including Agence France-Presse.

The law aims to help the media get financial revenue from their material posted on online platforms and social networks to compensate for the collapse in revenue from traditional advertising, while digital giants such as Facebook and Google are taking the lion's share of advertising revenue. Online.

But the rules Google has announced it will adopt in France as part of its commitment to the new law have angered the media and the government alike.

Under these rules, European-based press editors will have to decide individually whether portions of their news material (texts, videos ...) called “excerpts”, or other small images (also called “thumbnails”) will continue. Appear next to links that take browsers in France to their sites.

Publishers who accept these terms will publish their excerpts via Google pages but without any compensation from the Internet giant.

The French prime minister said that "imposing the rules of the game in a purely unilateral manner and the exclusion of any possibility of negotiation contrary to the letter and spirit" with the European reform.

"We hope that this approach by Google stems from a miscalculation rather than a desire to confront France, especially Europe."

Philippe called on Google to enter into "negotiations with publishers and news agencies."


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