"Prisoner Club": 73 prisoners martyred due to torture in the Israeli jails since 1967

The Palestinian Prisoners' Club announced that since 1967, 73 Palestinian prisoners have been martyred as a result of torture during their interrogation by the Israeli occupation forces.

The club said in a statement on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation authorities are using multiple methods to torture Palestinian prisoners and detainees physically and psychologically, as a tool to avenge them and rob their humanity, and most importantly pressure them, to obtain confessions during the investigation period.

He explained that 95 per cent of the detainees were subjected to torture from the moment of arrest, which extends in the investigation, even after being placed in public detention centers, through a comprehensive system of violence and different methods of torture.

He explained that during the past six years, the case of the prisoner Arafat Jaradat emerged in 2013, who was martyred in the cells of Megiddo detention center five days after his arrest as a result of his torture. Israeli forces arrested Yassin al-Saradih at the time of his arrest after he was tortured and shot from scratch. Date of Martyrdom announced on 20 May 2018, and in the month of A.I. Well / September of the same year occupation forces killed the detainee Mohammed al-Khatib (Rimawi) for his arrest from his home after being tortured, and was the last of the occupation was killed as a result of torture during interrogation detainee Nassar Taqatqa on July 16, 2019.

He pointed out that the concept of torture is not limited to the violence used against the prisoner during arrest and interrogation, but that all the torturing procedures faced by the prisoners inside the detention centers fall under the framework of torture, the most prominent of these tools are solitary confinement, and the detention of prisoners in harsh and compelling conditions that do not meet the minimum health conditions. In addition to their transfer, which takes place through the so-called "Bosta", which constitutes another journey of torture, as described by the prisoners, and the policy of medical negligence falls under the methods of physical and psychological violence, in which the prisoner is killed slowly.

According to the Prisoner Club, the crackdowns carried out by the oppression units of the Israeli Prison Administration are one of the most prominent methods of collective torture of prisoners.He pointed out that since the beginning of this year 2019, these units have carried out several repressions that have been extended since February this year, when they stormed a prison During the confrontation, dozens of prisoners were injured by the use of pepper gas, sound bombs, rubber bullets, batons and sniffer dogs. In March, dozens of prisoners were injured Her serious injuries, a result of being subjected to torture, including severe beatings, being sprayed with gas, and they are tied to the family for several days without treatment for the injured, except for stripping them of all their belongings and convert the partition to the collective isolation.

He said that the Israeli occupation forces practiced methods of psychological and physical torture against the detainee from the first moment of his arrest, through beatings with rifle butts on different parts of the body, without the slightest consideration to the injury of some detainees with illnesses and health problems accompanying them even after their release, and some cases have reached the release They were shot directly, resulting in severe injuries that caused amputations, and other illnesses that accompanied them even after their release.

The club, which specializes in the affairs of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails, said that over the years hundreds of testimonies were received for detainees in the first detention centers, such as the "Etzion" and "Huwwara" centers, stating that they were severely beaten and threatened during the arrest process. And women, young men and the elderly.

He added that the interrogation period constitutes the most important stage in the fate of the detainee.

 He revealed that there are other methods fall under the so-called "military" investigation: methods used in cases called "time bomb" and legally justified under the slogan "the need for defense."

He pointed out that the detainee Samer Mina al-Arbeed (44 years) from Ramallah governorate at the Al-Maskobia detention center, which is considered one of the worst Israeli interrogation centers.

 According to his lawyer, the Arab prisoner is unconscious, suffering from fractures in the rib cage, bruises and beating marks throughout his body, and severe kidney failure.

The club pointed out that the most prominent and the worst Israeli interrogation centers to which detainees are transferred: the investigation center "Maskoubia", "Petah Tikva", "Ashkelon", and "Jalame." 

The Prisoner Club confirmed that the practice of torture continues, despite the prohibition of international conventions and treaties of torture in all its forms, calling on all national, Arab and international human rights institutions to exercise their required role in relation to the crimes of the occupation, including the crime of torture, which poses a threat to humanity and its role for which it was found.

According to official statistics issued by the Authority for Prisoners Affairs (affiliated to the Palestine Liberation Organization), the number of Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the occupation about 5700, including 48 prisoners, 230 children, and 500 administrative detainees.


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