The State Department calls on the international community to stand against the Trump team

US President Donald Trump's administration continues to make full-blown statements against the occupation and its policies, the State Department said on Thursday.

The ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that the vision of the Trump team and its Zionists and its biased decisions of the occupation is doomed to failure, and will not fool the international community, and can not falsify the facts and history or create an international system that serves the occupation and works to "whiten", and that the international consensus rejecting Trump's decisions The adherence to international legitimacy and its decision is the international response to the "juggling" of the Trump team.

She continued: What the recent interventions of many leaders in the world before the General Assembly of the United Nations is a clear confirmation of the commitment of these leaders to the existing international regime and peace references internationally adopted, and the priority they give to resolve the Palestinian issue according to those references.

She called on the State Department to build on this positive atmosphere, which was reflected during the week of the General Assembly, to establish an international movement facing the dangers expressed by the Trump team against the Palestinian people and their cause.

"The Trump administration and his team continue to make statements and present fully biased attitudes to the occupation and its policies in what is like public confessions about their vision of the conflict based on the absolute adoption of the occupation vision, plans and interests, the latest of which was David Friedman in a press interview that suggested the possibility of postponing the" deal of the century. "Netanyahu's promise to annex the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea does not contradict the deal," he said, stressing that the plan "will make Israel stronger and safer, and will satisfy all supporters of Israel, whatever their religious backgrounds", as well as an interview with Jason Greenblatt in which he outlined the outlines of the vision. The American biased to the occupying power, recognizing the pillars of this dark ideological bias, trying to hide.

In his interview, Greenblatt offers a naive justification for Trump's ill-fated decisions, including his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying power, the transfer of his country's embassy, ​​recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan, and an attempt to justify Washington's decision to close the PLO office in Washington and stop aid to UNRWA. The Palestinian Authority, under flimsy slogans, highlighted by his talk about the direct American interest in such decisions, and the absence of any tangible results with a clear impact on the conflict.

More seriously, Greenblatt linked Trump's decisions to `` peace and its potential impact on the peace process, '' the State Department stressed, in a clear and unequivocal contradiction and a despicable desire for international officials, accusing Washington of being able to market those decisions that contradict international legitimacy and international law on the international stage.

The State Department wondered what perspective Greenpeace is talking about, especially since Trump's decisions have provided Israel with cover to resolve the future of final status negotiations by force. On the other hand, Greenblatt boasts of Washington's ability to rearrange the priorities of the conflict in the region, considering the conflict. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict (not the main conflict in the region), and that its solution does not help in resolving the conflicts and other threats that plague the region, in the repeated repetition of the statements of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the right-wing staff in Israel, which led him to recognize his attempts to jump from the priorities of the solution that Dutt in the Arab peace initiative.

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