Netanyahu´s lawyers vow to drop the cases against him

 Lawyers for outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Wednesday to persuade public prosecutors to drop cases against him after they arrived for a pre-charge hearing on corruption cases.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced in February his intention to indict the prime minister on charges related to bribery, fraud and credit abuse in three separate cases.

Netanyahu is suspected of having received gifts and guaranteed positive news coverage for financial and government privileges.

Speaking to reporters outside the Justice Ministry before the closed-door hearing, Netanyahu's lawyer, Ram Caspi, said that based on the materials and arguments they would present, there would be a "solid foundation that would change course."

Caspi added that he was confident that Attorney General Mandelblit would reach his decision "in a professional manner, ignoring the other votes."

The attorney general rejected Netanyahu's request to air the hearings live.

The hearings last four days and Netanyahu is not expected to attend in person.

The attorney general will take several weeks to decide whether to issue indictments against Netanyahu after the hearings are completed.

The prime minister denies all the accusations, and said "it is the attempts of his opponents to force him to leave his post, which he kept for 13 years."


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