Netanyahu will meet Gantz tomorrow with a final attempt to form a unity government

Israel's interim Prime Minister and Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu will seek to save himself and Israel from entering a dark political tunnel if he fails to form a new government on Wednesday. Signs that his rival, Benny Gantz's blue-white party, will also not be able to form a government either.

Netanyahu will meet tomorrow with Gantz at a meeting that will be the last attempt to persuade the latter's party to participate in one government headed by alternating between the two sides.

The meeting was decided after the bipartisan negotiating teams failed to reach an agreement on Sunday that would allow Israeli President Reuven Rivlin's plan to call for a rotating government headed by Netanyahu first, which the Gantz party rejects.

While Netanyahu will try to persuade Gantz to do so, the former is working hard with Likud members to enter secret negotiations with Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu party to form a government in rotation.

According to the Maariv website, there are contacts for a deal between the two sides, but Likud fears that Lieberman will stick to his conditions of non-participation of the ultra-orthodox parties in the government, or compromise on conditions for the Haredi recruitment, and other laws related to the work of the supermarket on Saturday and others.

The site is likely to fail Netanyahu's mission to convince Lieberman of such a step, especially since Lieberman publicly demands that there be a government that includes his party and the Likud party and blue-white, only.

The Hebrew media was likely to announce Netanyahu on Sunday on the re-delegation of the mandate entrusted to Rivlin to form a government, but he is expected to return to him in the event of failure in the coming days to form a government.


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