7 Prisoners continue the "Battle of the Empty Bowel" in rejection of their administrative detention

7 prisoners in Israeli jails continue their hunger strike to refuse their administrative detention, including Hiba al-Labadi, the oldest of whom is Ahmed Ghannam, who has been on strike for 79 days.

The Prisoners and Editors' Affairs Authority said in a statement on Monday that the striking prisoners are;

The human rights body (official), the prisoners; Musab al-Hindi (29 years) from the town of Tal west of Nablus, beaten for 7 days, and Munir Basil Sawafta (36 years) residents of Tubas since 12 days.

According to the report, Ahmed Zahran, 42, from Deir Abu Mash'al village, northwest of Ramallah, has been on strike for 7 days.

In detail, the prisoners' affairs, that the prisoner Ismail Ali, was arrested in February, while Qaadan (a leader of Islamic Jihad) and a former detainee several times and spent a total of 11 years.

She pointed out that the Indian prisoner, was arrested on 4 September, and was issued an administrative detention order for 6 months, a prisoner editor spent 24 months in administrative detention.

She pointed out that the prisoner Sawafta, detained since March 29 last, and issued a six-month administrative sentence, knowing that a former prisoner spent a total of 4 years in detention.

The statement said that the prisoner Zahran, a former detainee spent a total of 15 years in the detention centers of the occupation, which has been detained since last March, and this strike is the second that he wages during this year, the first lasted for 39 days.

She pointed out that the captive Labadi, was arrested while going to visit her family in the governorate of Jenin, during crossing the bridge of dignity, and transferred to the investigation, which lasted 25 days in harsh and difficult conditions, and ended up being transferred to administrative detention.


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