Al-Khudari: 85% of Gaza´s population is below the poverty line

The head of the Popular Committee to Confront the Siege, MP Jamal Al-Khodari, said that 85% of the population of the Gaza Strip live below the poverty line due to the Israeli blockade and closure and the deterioration of the economic situation.

Al-Khodari added that the average daily income per capita is $ 2 as a maximum, and the unemployment rate among youth reached 65%.

He stressed in a press statement on Saturday, that more than 300 thousand workers are unemployed due to the deterioration of the economic situation, pointing out that this list is increasing daily as a result of the cessation of key projects due to the 12-year siege.

Al-Khodari pointed out that 100% of Gaza's factories were totally or partially damaged, and there is a daily closure of shops in the Gaza Strip due to economic conditions.

Al-Khodari explained that there is a severe shortage of liquidity, in addition to weak purchasing power.

"Whoever ignores the serious economic situation, ignores a disastrous situation, and does not want any turn to any solutions."

Al-Khudari identified the solution in two main directions.

The second trend is the continuation of international, Arab and Islamic support in all fields, especially humanity, to ensure that the stage of the total collapse is not reached, considering that the siege is part of the Israeli targeting of all Palestinians.


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