Netanyahu plans similar operation to the 2012 war against Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to carry out a rapid operation in Gaza along the lines of the 2012 assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, a newspaper report said on Wednesday. Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

According to the newspaper, after the launch of rockets at Ashdod during Netanyahu's presence at an election ceremony in the city, Netanyahu planned an unusual response, but the opinion of army commanders of the plan put forward by Netanyahu, prevented Israel from entering a wave of military operation.

According to the paper, the assessment was that such an operation would lead to a violent response and an uncalculated escalation, ultimately forcing Israel to carry out a large-scale military operation in Gaza. Hundreds of rockets will be fired daily at Israel, especially major cities, including Tel Aviv.

The newspaper quoted its sources as saying that there was an assessment that indicates the possibility of Israel's involvement in a ground war, and that the round of escalation will not end in a day or several days, and may cause elections to be delayed.

This type of action and decision is one of the security system's emergency plans, which are implemented according to different considerations regarding the level of response from the political level or what the army recommends.

The sources point out that besides legal and political problems, additional measures must be taken in preparation for any further emergency. Deterioration of conditions for a broad operation.

The newspaper said that the army and security leaders worked correctly when they asked for a cabinet or cabinet session before approving the operation, prompting Netanyahu to reverse his decision.


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