The first videos to test the fall of iPhone 11

Apple has announced that its latest smartphone, the iPhone 11, has the world's strongest glass.

According to the site "Tom's Guide", he described the results of the first tests as "disappointing", as the phone "iPhone 11 Pro" cracked at the first fall, according to the site "9to5mac", which is concerned with all news of the company "Apple".

The site said that he dropped the phone "iPhone Pro 11" golden color, initially from the height of the thigh on the concrete (height of 3.5 feet) which is not very high, and the result was noticeable damage to the screen.

He said that after turning on the phone "iPhone Pro 11" after the fall, he noticed large cracks in the upper left corner, and a notable notch extends diagonally on the screen "OLED" size of 5.8 inches from the top left to the bottom right.

Mark Spoonauer of Tom's Guide noted that the fall of the iPhone 11 Pro was disappointing compared to the iPhone XS, which confirmed that it did not break in the test of falling last year, after falling from the height of 3, 5 and 11 Feet, but "Sponaro" noted that the phone then fell on the concrete was processed.

But by contrast, EveryApplePro has produced more impressive results, and it proved to the viewers that the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max didn't break its glass until it was hit by 8 drops.

The glass of the two phones was not damaged after 8 drops from different angles, until the head height, both iPhone survived without any cracking of the glass, but after falling 10 feet from the stainless steel frame showed some damage, but the glass remained intact.

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